Table 1: Clinical features of cases of temporal pseudotumor reported in the literature.

Reported casesAge/sexSymptomsLocationTreatmentOutcome

Yanagihara et al. [2]41/MRecurrent FPME/facial nerveSurgNED
Benton et al. [3]37/MOtaME/MSurg/RadioNED at 1 yr
Nam et al. [4] 24/FOta/HL/Dizz/RPM/duraSurg/RadioNED at 1 yr
Wiseman et al. [5]4/MFPME/M/facial nerveSurgNED
Mulder et al. [6]38/FHLME/M/Lab/IACSurgNED
Janicki et al. [7]55/MOto/Tinn/vertigoME/M/dura/petrous apexRadioNED at 2 mo
39/FOta/Oto/vertigo/HLME/MSurg/steroid/ISTRelapsed at 4 mo
Schönermark [8]49/FOta/Oto/HLME/M/LabSurg/steroidNED at 30 mo
35/FFP/HL/Ota/OtoME/M/LabSurg/ISTNED at 2 yrs
59/MOta/Oto/HLME/M/LabSurg/IST/steroidDied of the disease
Gasparotti et al. [9] 26/MVertigoM/Teg/Sig/duraSurgNED
Williamson et al. [10]49/MHL/OtoME/M/Teg/MCF/LabSurg/steroidNED at 6 mo
Cho et al. [11]42/FHea/HL/FP/diplopia/
visual dimness
cavernous sinus
SteroidRemission at 3 mo
Cho et al. [12]55/FHL/OtoME/MSurgNED at 1 yr
Lee et al. [13]39/MHL/RP/diplopiaM/petrous apex/lungSurg/steroidNED at 1 yr
Lee et al. [14]28/FFP/OtaMSurgNED at 3 yrs
Strasnick and Vaughan [15]65/FHL/Dizz/TinnM/Sig/MCFSurg/Radio/steroidNED at 8 yrs
40/MHL/facial pain/
ear fullness
Petrous apex/M/MESurg/RadioNED at 10 yrs
Coulson et al. [16]60/MHL/Oto/Ota/FPM/ME/brain parenchymaSteroidNED at 18 mo
Lee et al. [17]7/FHL/ear-fullness ME/MSurgNED at 6 mo
Allona et al. [18]28/MHeaPetrous apex/SigNoRemission at 1 yr
Ajibade et al. [19]41/MOta/HL/Tinn/OtoM/Teg/duraSurg/steroidRelapsed at 4 mo
Curry et al. [20]2.5/MOta/fluctuating FPME/M/LabSurg/steroidNED at 1.5 yrs
Santaolalla-Montoya et al. [21]75/MHea/Oto/HLME/M/Petrous apex/duraSurg/steroidDied of the disease
Galindo et al. [22]28/MHL/Hea/OtaPetrous apex/MENoRemission at 3 yrs
Goh et al. [23]27/FOta/HLME/M (bilateral)Surg/steroidNED at 3 yrs
Vasileios et al. [24]19/Mauricular polypME/External earSurgNED at 6 mo

Ota: otalgia; HL: hearing loss; Dizz: dizziness; Tinn: tinnitus; RP: retrobulbar pain; Oto: otorrhea; Hea: headache; FP: facial palsy; Exo: exophthalmos; ME: middle ear; M: mastoid; Lab: labyrinth; Teg: tegmen tympani; MCF: middle cranial fossa; Sig: sigmoid sinus; IAC: internal auditory canal; Surg: surgery; Radio: radiotherapy; IST: immunosuppressive therapy; NED: no evidence of disease at followup.