Case Reports in Medicine / 2015 / Article / Tab 1

Case Report

The Cutaneous Ciliated Cyst in Young Male: The Possibility of Ciliated Cutaneous Eccrine Cyst

Table 1

Summary of the reported cutaneous ciliated cysts in male patients. The empty columns mean that the results are not reported.


Leonforte [5]42Lt. heel+
Trotter et al. [8]28Lt. foot++
Ashton [9]25Rt. sole++
Sidoni  and Bucciarelli [6]60Perineal++++Desmin+
Ohba et al. [10]53Rt. cheek+++++Desmin and vimentin−
Santos and Mendelsohn [7]53Perineal++++Vimentin+
Lee et al. [11]56Rt. inguinal++++
Pérez-Valcárcel et al. [12]15Scrotum++Cryptorchidism
Present case7Lt. shoulder+++++