Figure 3: Analysis of CD8+ T-cell response following vaccination. PBMCs prior to (week 0) and following (weeks 15, 28 and 37) vaccination were cultured with either (a) HLA-0201-restricted survivin, (b) MART-1, or (c) NY-ESO-1 peptide (10 μg/mL). The cells were cultured in a 96-well plate, harvested at day 10, and then stained with phycoerythrin- (PE-) conjugated survivin (LTLGEFLKL), MART-1 (EAAGIGILTV), or NY-ESO-1 (SLLMWITQV) dextramer (Immudex) for 10 min followed by anti-CD8, anti-CD19, and anti-CD56 staining (20 min). Subsequent to being washed, gated CD8+ T-cell population was analysed for dextramer-staining on a BD SLR II flow cytometer.