Table 1: Cerebellar syndrome due to hypomagnesemia in the literature.

PublicationAge (years)SexNeurological symptoms on admissionImagingMgNaCaKPTHEtiologyFollow-up

[4]78MPDBNCCT: n
MRI: cerebrovascular chronic ischemia and slight cerebral and cerebellar atrophy
Not detectablennN/AProbably attacks of diarrhea caused by diverticulitisPDBN disappeared after two weeks.
A temporary reoccurrence was observed on day 17

[12]61FAtaxia, paresthesia, cognitive impairmentBrain and cord MRI: n1.5 mEq/lN/AN/AN/AN/ATRPM6 mutationReoccurrence after 2 months

[8]72MSevere dysarthria, ataxia, dysphagia, nystagmusMRI: hyperintensities within both cerebellar hemispheres similar to PRES0.15 mmol/lN/AN/AShort bowel syndrome after surgical treatment of adenocarcinoma and diarrheaMRI and clinic were unremarkable after 2 months

[11]68FSeizure, PDBNMRI: a lesion within the cerebellar nodulus7 mg/l (range: 18–24 mg/l)nUndeterminedReoccurrence after 2 months

[7]59MAtaxia, vertical nystagmus, seizures, PDBNMRI: hyperintensity and swelling of the cerebellar nodulus<0.08 mmol/l (normal range: 0.75–1.0 mmol/l)N/AShort bowel syndrome after ileostomy due to ulcerative colitisN/A

[16]66FDysphagia, diplopia, vertical nystagmus, weakness, cognitive impairmentN/A0.21 mEq/l (range: 1.4–2.0 mEq/l)nnnN/AShort bowel syndrome after colectomy due to metastases of cervix carcinomaSymptoms improved, dysphagia resolved after 2 months

[17]67FPDBN, ataxiaN/A1.1–1.4 mmol/l (range: 1.5–2.5 mmol/l)N/AN/AN/ASide effect of lithium carbonateSymptoms resolved in 4 months

[5]21MPDBN, ataxia, dysphagia, tachycardia, seizuresCCT: n<1 mg/dlN/AN/AN/AParenteral nutrition, short bowel syndrome after ileocolectomy for Crohn’s diseaseComplete recovery after 6 weeks

[5]44FSeizures, PDBSCCT: n0.9 mg/ml (range: 1.5–3.5 mg/dl)N/AN/AParenteral nutrition, resection of terminal ileum and cecum because of metastatic fallopian adenocarcinomaPersistence of downbeat nystagmus; death because of cancer complications after 3 months

[9]57MSeizure, dysarthria, ataxiaMRI: hyperintense lesions in both cerebellar hemispheres and the vermis resembling PRES0.19 mmol/lN/ANN/AAlcohol abuseSignificant improvement after 6 months

[18]65MAtaxia, cognitive impairment, seizureMRI: hyperintensities within the cerebellar vermis0.08 mmol/l (range: 0.7–0.9 mmol/l)N/A↓↓↓PantoprazoleMild memory deficit is still observed after 6 months

M: male; F: female; PDBN: paroxysmal downbeat nystagmus; n: normal; N/A: not available; Mg: magnesium; Ca: calcium; K: potassium; PTH: parathormone hormone; MRI: magnetic resonance imaging; CCT: cranial computed tomography. mEq/l: milliequivalents per liter; mmol/l: millimoles per liter; mg/dl: milligrams per deciliter; mg/ml: milligrams per milliliter. ↓: low; ↓↓↓: very low; ↑: high.