Table 1: Comparative motor and sensory conduction studies of the patient at diagnosis of CMT and during present evaluation.

Conduction studies
Motor conductionConduction velocity (m/s)Amplitude (mV)Latency (ms)

Median R36.5/363.5/4.55.8/5.0
Ulnar R38/425.0/3.5 3.9/3.4
Peroneal R23/ND0.2/ND8.8/ND
Tibial R30/270.5/0.289.2/9.8

Sensory conductionConduction velocity (m/s)Amplitude (μV)Latency (ms)

Median R 38/421.5/1.94.7/4.3
Ulnar R39/ND2/ND4.2/ND
Sural R36/322.5/2.22.5/3.9
Peroneal RCould not be elicited

At diagnosis of CMT/during present evaluation.
ND: not done.