Case Report

Persistent Cryptococcal Brain Infection despite Prolonged Immunorecovery in an HIV-Positive Patient

Figure 1

(a) MRI brain 5 days into admission in August 2005 showing right-sided occipitoparietal leptomeningeal inflammation. (b) MRI brain on readmission December 2005, 4 months after initial presentation showing worsening right-sided occipitoparietal leptomeningeal inflammation. (c) T2-weighted MRI brain in December 2006, 16 months after initial presentation showing large clusters of ring-enhancing lesions and leptomeningeal inflammation in the right occipitoparietal area with oedema and midline shift. Also seen but not shown on this cross-section were smaller clustered ring-enhancing lesions in the right thalamus and left frontal and temporal lobes.