Case Reports in Neurological Medicine / 2014 / Article / Tab 2

Case Report

Haemorrhagic Presentation of a Craniopharyngioma in a Pregnant Woman

Table 2

Case reports of craniopharyngiomas during pregnancy.

Authors, yearAge of patientSymptoms of presentationHospital courseFollow-up

Fischer, 1935 [19]?Bitemporal HA at 20 wk gestationTherapeutic abortionPatient became blind

Sachs et al., 1978 [20]24 yrsVisual problems and HA at 28 wk gestationTumour resected, DDAVP treatment, and normal term deliveryVision returned to normal

Van der Wildt et al., 1980 [21]24 yrsDI at 20 wk gestationDDAVP treatment, delivery at 36 wk, and tumour resected postpartumVision returned to normal

Hiett and Barton, 1990 [22]22 yrsDI at 27 wk gestation, HA, and visual problemsDDAVP treatment, delivery at 34 wk, and tumour resected postpartumVision improved after tumour resection

Johnson et al., 1993 [19]27 yrsVisual problems, HA in 2nd trimesterTumour resection, normal term deliveryVision near normal after tumor resection

Maniker and Krieger, 1996 [23]35 yrsVisual problems, HA at 8 wk gestation2 transsphenoidal resections, healthy delivery via CS at 33 wkVision returned to normal

Aydin et al., 1999 [25]19 yrsVisual problems and HA at 20 wk gestationTranssphenoidal resection, delivery at termVision returned to normal, 2nd resection during subsequent pregnancy 4 yrs later

Magge et al., 2001 [24]39 yrsVisual problems, DI, and severe fatigue at 6 wkAbortion, F-T craniotomy with suprasellar resection, and intranasal DDAVPSmall inferior temporal quadrantanopsia in LE, 2nd pregnancy with new bitemporal field cut that disappeared after normal vaginal delivery, DI in treatment with DDAVP, and thyroid hormone replacement

Zoia, 201432 yrsVisual problems (temporal hemianopsia RE and inferior-temporal field cut LE) at 30 wk + 1 gestationCortisol replacement, delivery via CS at 33 wk + 3, endoscopic transsphenoidal subtotal resection and decompression of the optic chiasm, lumbar drainage for 6 days, and DDAVPVision returned to normal, no hormone deficiencies; RMN (3 months later) shows small residual with no chiasm compression

HA: headache; DI: diabetes insipidus; CS: caesarean section; F-T: frontotemporal; DDAVP: desmopressin acetate; RE: right eye; LE: left eye.