Case Report

Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease Masquerading as Catatonia

Table 1

Laboratory tests performed.


Initial testing
Complete metabolic panel and liver function testsWithin normal limits
Complete blood countWithin normal limits
Urine analysisWithin normal limits
Thyroid-stimulating hormone0.97 (0.27–4.20) uIU/mL
Chest X-rayUnremarkable
Urine toxicologyAmphetamines screen: negative
Barbiturates screen: negative
Cocaine screen: negative
Benzodiazepine screen: negative
THC screen: negative
Methadone: negative
Oxycodone screen: negative
Opiates screen: negative
Phencyclidine screen: negative
Secondary workup
HIV 1/2 rapid antibodyNonreactive
Rapid plasma reaginNegative
Sedimentation rate10 (0–20) mm/hr
C-reactive protein<0.03 (<0.5) mg/dL
Autoimmune panelAntinuclear antibody: negative
Antineutrophil cytoplasmic Ab: negative
C4, 29 (10–40) mg/dL
C3, 139 (90–180) mg/dL
SSA Ab <0.3 (0.0–6.9) U/mL
SSB Ab <0.3 (0.0–6.9) U/mL
Anti-DSDNA 7 (0–24) IU
Smith antibody 1.5 (0.0–6.9) U/mL
Anti-TPO: negative
Mayo dementia, autoimmune evaluation panel: negative
Cerebrospinal fluid studies
Color and clarityClear and colorless
White blood cells1 (0–10) mm3
Red blood cell count1 mm3
Protein19 (15–45) mg/dL
Glucose64 (40–70) mg/dL
Myelin basic proteinNegative
Oligoclonal bandsNegative
CytologyNo atypical lymphoid cells
Mayo paraneoplastic panelNegative
Mayo dementia, autoimmune evaluation panelNegative
Protein 14-3-3<0.2
Neuronal specific enolaseNegative