Case Report

Xanthogranulomatous Pyelonephritis Associated with Hepatic Dysfunction in Pregnancy

Table 1

Comparison of published cases.

Age (years)Gestational age (weeks)PyrexiaPainFlank massCalculiUrine culturePregnancy evolutionNephrectomy

Bianchi and Franzolin [6]2716+++Staphylococcus Proteus Elective abortionUnilateral

Badar et al. [7] 3012++Staphylococcus UneventfulUnilateral (during pregnancy)

Figueroa et al. [8]2412+++Proteus mirabilis UneventfulUnilateral nephrectomy

Loffroy et al. [9]373rd trimester++Elective preterm birthNephrectomy postpartum

Ballesteros Sampol et al. [10]14++Escherichia coli Elective abortionUnilateral nephrectomy

Sworn and Jones [11]29Postpartum+++Escherichia coli Klebsiella Nephrectomy postpartum

Ferreira et al. (current case)2532+++Proteus mirabilis UneventfulNephrectomy postpartum