Table 5

Differential diagnosis for AFE [5]

Pulmonary thromboembolism; more common later postpartum, chest CT was clear and lower limb Doppler was clear
Anesthetic complications; hypoxia was not associated with administration of any medication
Drug-induced allergic anaphylaxis; no rash or wheeze was observed
Myocardial infarction; no ECG changes and negative troponins
Cardiac arrhythmia; the intraoperative anesthesia record reports sinus tachycardia throughout monitoring
Aspiration of gastric contents; patient was had ETT tube inserted with cuff inflated preventing aspiration
Reaction to local anesthetic drugs; patients’ condition deterioration does not correlate with any medications given
Sepsis: sepsis is ruled out since there was no source of infection, and patient had clear chest CT scan with SOB; there were no evidence of pneumonia, blood, and urine cultures which were negative