Case Reports in Oncological Medicine / 2013 / Article / Tab 1

Case Report

Primary Isolated Lymphoma of the Fourth Ventricle in an Immunocompetent Patient

Table 1

Summary of the reported cases of 4th ventricular PCNSL in the literature.

Author (reference)Age (yrs)/sexPresentationRadiology Surgical treatmentCSF cytologyAdjuvant therapySurvival

Werneck et al. [3]17/FMeningitis, diagnosis after mortemNegative radiology but after mortem small tumor was found with carcinomatous meningitisN/APositiveN/ADiagnosis after mortem

Haegelen et al. [4]33/FHeadache, vomiting with cerebellar signsTumor filling the 4th ventricle with no HCPGTRNegativeCytarabine and steroids with stem cell transplantation with WBRT7 months

Hill et al. [5]69/FHeadache, vomitingHomogenously enhancing tumor in the caudal fourth ventricle without hydrocephalusBiopsyN/AIV and IT MTX3 months

Current case50/MHeadache, vomiting with drowsinessHomogenously enhancing tumor in the caudal fourth ventricle with hydrocephalusGTRNegativeRegimen containing IV and IT MTX and radiotherapy18 months

GTR: gross total resection; IV: intravenous; IT: intrathecal; MTX: methotrexate; N/A: not available.