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Case Report

Migrating Polyarthritis as a Feature of Occult Malignancy: 2 Case Reports and a Review of the Literature

Table 1

Malignancies associated with carcinomatous polyarthritis. Four cases, highlighted in bold, have shown anti-CCP positivity. Rheumatoid factor (RF), anti-citrullinated protein antibody (anti-CCP), positive (+), negative (−), not included (NI), Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC), Squamous Cell Cancer (SCC), Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC), Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML), and Chronic Lymphoid Leukemia (CLL).

Case report and referenceType of malignancyRFAnti-CCP

Present case Breast++
Present caseNSCLC
Zupancic et al. [2]SCC lung+NI
Stummvoll et al. [3]Adenocarcinoma colonNI
Stummvoll et al. [3]SCC LungNI
Larson et al. [8]NSCLC (adenocarcinoma)++
Nadal et al. [10]Prostate cancerNI
Bradley and Pinals [11]Spindle cell cancer+NI
Pines et al. [12]BreastNI
Pines et al. [12]Unknown primaryNI
Pines et al. [12]SCLCNI
Acosta Madiedo et al. [13]NSCLCNI
Chuan et al. [9]Tubular adenocarcinoma stomachNI
Eggelmeijer and Macfarlane [14]Supraglottic SCCNI
Bennett et al. [15]Ovarian adenocarcinoma+NI
Simon and Ford [16]Adenocarcinoma colonNI
Mok and Kwan [17]Unknown primary+NI
Handy et al. [18]T cell ALL++
Kumar et al. [19]Pancreas ++
Sheehy et al. [20]NSCLC (adenocarcinoma)+NI
Bivalacqua et al. [21]NSCLC (adenocarcinoma)NINI
Docquier et al. [22]Uterine adenocarcinomaNI
Haroon and Phelan [23]Pancreatic cancerNI
Ardalan and Shoja [24]Multiple myelomaNI
Leslie [25]Cervical cancerNINI
Baijens and Manni [26]cT4N2cM0 hypopharynx carcinoma NINI
Martorell et al. [27]Serocystadenocarcinoma ovaryNI
Martorell et al. [27]Serocystadenocarcinoma ovary+NI
Martorell et al. [27]Ovarian carcinomaNI
Martorell et al. [27]Serocystadenocarcinoma ovaryNI
Medsger et al. [28]Ovarian adenocarcinomaNINI
Medsger et al. [28]Ovarian adenocarcinomaNINI
Medsger et al. [28]Ovarian adenocarcinomaNINI
Medsger et al. [28]Ovarian adenocarcinomaNINI
Medsger et al. [28]Ovarian adenocarcinomaNINI
Medsger et al. [28]Ovarian adenocarcinomaNINI
Baron [29]SCLCNI
Baer and Phillips [30]Pancreatic adenocarcinomaNINI
Taggart et al. [31]Adenocarcinoma Fallopian tubeNI
Taggart et al. [31]Ovarian adenocarcinomaNINI
Michaels and Sorber [32] Pancreatic adenocarcinomaNI
Shiel et al. [33]SCLCNINI
Shiel et al. [33]Ovarian adenocarcinomaNINI
Pfinsgraff et al. [34]CMLNI
Pfinsgraff et al. [34]Pancreatic adenocarcinoma, parathyroid adenomaNINI
Pfinsgraff et al. [34]Squamous cell carcinoma unknown primaryNI
Pfinsgraff et al. [34]Adenocarcinoma unknown primaryNINI
Pfinsgraff et al. [34]Hodgkin diseaseNINI
Valverde-Garcia et al. [35] Breast cancerNINI
Cammilleri et al. [36]Follicular B cell lymphomaNI
Willemse et al. [37]Adenocarcinoma of the coelomic epitheliumNI
Van den Bergh et al. [38]Adenocarcinoma of prostate prolactinomaNI
Mathieu et al. [39]CLLNINI
Vinker et al. [40]Ovarian adenocarcinomaNINI
Saxman and Seitz [41]Breast carcinomaNI
Grados et al. [42]Transitional cell carcinoma of the renal pelvisNI
Grados et al. [42]Adenocarcinoma of the uterusNI
Enomoto et al. [43]Early-stage gastric carcinoma+NI
Denschlag et al. [44]Fallopian tube carcinomaNI
Giannakopoulos et al. [45]Ovarian adenocarcinomaNI
Yogarajah et al. [46]Ovarian adenocarcinomaNINI
Bolibar et al. [47]Ovarian adenocarcinomaNI
Preda et al. [48]Ovarian adenocarcinomaNINI
Krishna et al. [49]Breast cancerNI
Qureshi and Saavedra [50]Ovarian adenocarcinomaNI
Clarke et al. [51]Transitional cell carcinoma of the bladderNI
Nahar and Al-Rajhi [52]Ovarian adenocarcinomaNI
Sandhya and Danda [53]Breast carcinomaNINI
Mcgivern and Mcaleese [54]NSCLCNINI
Salmon et al. [55]Ovarian adenocarcinomaNI
Salmon et al. [55]Ovarian adenocarcinomaNI
Salmon et al. [55]Uterine cancerNINI
Shetty et al. [56]Neuroendocrine tumour of adrenal glandNI

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