Case Report

Pediatric Balint’s Syndrome Variant: A Possible Diagnosis in Children

Table 1

Profiles of children with features of Balint’s syndrome.

Case  1Case  2Case  3Case  4Case  5

Age at presentation to the clinic8 years4 years7 years11 years7 years
Gestational age32 weeks40 weeks36 weeks32 weeks36 weeks
Birth weight1.2 kg2.5 kg1.8 kg2.25 kg2.0 kg
Antenatal complicationsPregnancy induced hypertension (PIH)NilNilNilNil
Effect of visual disabilityPoor performance at schoolClumsinessPoor performance at schoolPoor performance at schoolPoor performance at school
Visual acuity6/606/486/246/66/24
Simultanagnostic visual dysfunctionPresentPresentPresentPresentPresent
Optic ataxiaPresentPresentPresentPresentPresent
Apraxia of gazePresentPresentPresentPresentPresent
Problems with clutter, crowd, and lower field defectPresentPresentPresentPresentPresent
Difficulties recognizing faces, words, shapes, and objectsPresentPresentPresentPresentPresent
Radiological findingsBiparietooccipital gliosis + corpus callosum thinning
Biparietooccipital gliosis +
corpus callosum thinning
Bilateral occipital gliosis + corpus callosum thinningBiparietal gliosis + corpus callosum thinningMild posterior parietooccipital gliosis