Case Reports in Ophthalmological Medicine / 2017 / Article / Tab 1

Case Report

Kingella kingae Keratitis in a Child with Underlying Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis

Table 1

Reported cases of Kingella kingae corneal ulcer.

NumberAuthor & yearAge/genderOcular and systemic
Clinical findingsTreatmentOutcome

(1)Theo Mollee et al., 199211 months/maleNilRed eye, eye dischargeGentamicin and cephalothinUlcer healed

(2)Maria-Carmen Munoz-Egea et al., 201038 years/femaleContact lens wearerPainful red eye for 2 days
Mixed hyperaemia with paracentral corneal infiltrate measuring 1 × 1 mm
Moxifloxacin and tobramycinHealed in 19 days

(3)Maria-Carmen Munoz-Egea et al., 201245 years/maleHIV positivePainful red eye for 2 weeksVancomycin and ceftazidime, then changed to gentamicin and ciprofloxacinUnknown. Loss to follow-up

(4)Orli Megged et al., 201315 years/femaleSoft contact lens wearerPainful red eye. Small corneal ulcer with grade  2 flareCefazoline, gentamicinHealed in 6 weeks with faint scar and no visual impairment

(5)Orli Megged et al., 201418 years/femaleNilPainful red eye. Small 2.5 mm corneal ulcer at peripheral corneaCefazoline, gentamicinHealed completely in 9 days