Case Reports in Orthopedics / 2012 / Article / Tab 1

Case Report

Recurrent Dislocation of the Patella in Kabuki Make-Up Syndrome

Table 1

Summary of the reported KMS cases with surgically treated patellar dislocation.

AuthorSexAge at the time of the first patellar dislocation (years)SideSurgery typeEvolutionHyperlaxityOther skeletal anomaliesObesity

Niikawa et al. (1988) [4]
F17LeftNot precise??Short metacarpals?

Ikegawa et al. (1993) [12]
Case 1F12RightElmslie-Trillat operationImprovement+Acetabular dysplasia
Case 2F8RightCampbell operationRecurrence+Genu valgum?

Burke and Jones (1995) [12]
F2BilateralNot preciseKnee contracture persistence?None

Kurosawa et al. (2002) [13]
M16RightResection of patellar fragment and tibial tubercle transferImprovement+None

Our study
Case 1M13BilateralTibial tubercle transfer and vastus medialis plastyImprovement+5th finger clinodactyly, widening of the 2nd thumb phalanx +
Case 2F10BilateralTibial tubercle transfer and vastus medialis plastyImprovement+None