Case Reports in Orthopedics / 2019 / Article / Tab 1

Case Report

Spontaneous Osteonecrosis of the Tarsal Navicular: A Report of Two Cases

Table 1

Details of spontaneous osteonecrosis of tarsal navicular cases and operative methods.

AuthorCase numberAverage age (y)SexOperation methodsImplant

Aktaş et al. [1]1 case, 1 foot50FemaleTalonavicular arthrodesis (single arthrodesis)2 cannulated cancellous screws
Brian et al. [2]1 case, 1 foot25FemaleTalonavicular arthrodesis (single arthrodesis)Cannulated cancellous screw
Cao et al. [3]9 cases, 9 feet48.2 (range 41 to 58)4 male and 5 femaleTalonavicular-cuneiform arthrodesis (double arthrodesis)3 4.0 mm cannulated screws
Janositz et al. [5]1 case, 1 foot18FemalePercutaneous drilling decompressionNo use
Levinson et al. [6]1 case, 1 foot25MaleInternal fixation with a free medial femoral condyle vascularized bone graftNo use
Lui [7]6 cases, 6 feet68 (range 47 to 76)All femaleArthroscopic triple arthrodesis3 4.0 mm cannulated screws
Tan et al. [9]1 case, 1 foot51FemaleTalonavicular-cuneiform arthrodesis (double arthrodesis)An 8-hole AO low-contact plate with 3.5/4.0 mm screws
Tosun et al. [10]1 case, 1 foot43MaleInternal fixation with an autologous bone graftNot used
Wang et al. [11]6 cases, 7 feet54 (range 45 to 60)1 male and 5 femaleTalonavicular arthrodesis (single arthrodesis) in 5 feet and triple arthrodesis in 2 feetTalonavicular arthrodesis with 2 compressive screws and triple arthrodesis with plate and screws
Yu et al. [12]7 cases, 7 feet55 (range 46 to 62)1 male and 6 femaleTalonavicular-cuneiform arthrodesis (double arthrodesis)Screws and plate
Present cases2 cases, 2 feet69 (range 68 to 70)2 femaleTalonavicular-cuneiform arthrodesis (double arthrodesis)LCP Distal Radius Plate (SYNTHES) with 6 2.4 mm locking screws and CSLP-VA (SYNTHES) with 4 4.0 mm locking screws