Table 1: Summary of data obtained from the TMJ chondrosarcoma cases reported in the literature and our case.

GenderAgeDurationSymptomsAppearance at presentationTreatmentFollow-up

(1954) [4]
F4612+++Slight TMJ space, widening, and subcortical sclerosisS

Lanier et al.  
(1971) [5]
F4824+++Condyle resorptionS

Richter et al.
(1974) [6]
F7510++Hearing lossTMJ space widening, erosion of glenoid fossa, and increased length of condylar neckS12

Tullio and D’Errico
(1974) [7]
F178+Condyle resorptionS

Nortjé et al.  
(1976) [8]
M406+++TMJ space widening, condyle elongated and distortedS24

Cadenat et al.
(1979) [9]

Morris et al.
(1987) [10]
F2924+HeadacheMass from condyle to infratemporal fossa, cranial fossa erodedS + RT6

Wasenko and Rosenbloom  
(1990) [11]
F490++Hearing lossMass from condyle to infratemporal fossa with calcificationS

Nitzan et al.
(1993) [12]
F3672+++TMJ space radiolucent lesion, resorption of condyleS84

Sesenna et al.
(1997) [13]
F6012++Mass from condyle to infratemporal fossa with calcificationS60

Batra et al.
(1999) [14]
M6518+Hearing lossMass anterior to ear canal encasing the mandibular condyleS7

Mostafapour and Futran
(2000) [15]
F3196+Left pterygoid mass with involvement of TMJS

Mostafapour and Futran
(2000) [15]
F5218+Mass on right TMJ, involvement of petrous temporal bone and middle fossaS + RT6

Yun et al. (2008) [19]F29120Laterodeviation+Mass centered on TMJ with dondylar resorptionS + RT

Gallego et al.
(2009) [16]
M543+++Mass from condyle to infratemporal fossaS16

Garzino-Demo et al.
(2010) [17]
F653++Mass centered on TMJ with condylar resorption and calcificationS + RT9

González-Pérez et al.
(2011) [18]
M5712++Open bite, cross biteErosion of condyle wihtbone destructionS24

Our case (2014)M28120++Resorption of condyle and cranial fossa erodedS120

S: surgery; RT: radiotherapy; TMJ: temporomandibular joint.