Table 1: Eight cases of renal parenchymal malignancies in ectopic kidneys.

IDAge/genderType of malignancyType of renal ectopiaReference

146/MCC-RCCSolitary, crossed pelvic ectopic Grotas and Phillips [11]
250/MRCCCrossed fusedBasoglu et al. [6]
351/MCC-RCCCrossed fusedRomero et al. [9]
452/MRCCPelvic Terrone et al. [8]
552/MCC-RCCPelvic Coşkun et al. [5]
653/MPRCCCrossed fusedDavis et al. #1 [10]
760/MCC-RCCCrossed fusedDavis et al. #2 [10]
862/MRCCCrossed fusedStimac et al. #5 [7]

RCC: renal cell carcinoma; CC-RCC: clear cell renal cell carcinoma; PRCC: papillary renal cell carcinoma.