Case Reports in Pathology / 2021 / Article / Fig 2

Case Report

Endometriosis Associated Striated Muscle Changes: Simulating Tumor

Figure 2

The immunohistochemical property of the cell groups is demonstrated: (a) CD56 is strongly positive, and there is progressive loss of CD56 in the differentiated muscle cells (inbox); (b) S100 detected with red chromogen which is strongly expressed in those small cell groups, and progressive loss of S100 is noted in the differentiated skeletal muscle (inbox); (c) actin is mildly positive in those cells (arrows) and strongly positive in nearby intermediate to well-differentiated muscle cells; (d) myogenin shows few cytoplasmic positivity to negative stain; (e) no strong cytoplasmic positivity is noted with vimentin; (f) reticulin stain shows no pericellular stain which is evident in well-differentiated skeletal muscle (inbox).