Table 1: Clinical criterion for Russell-Silver Syndrome.

Major criteria(i) Intrauterine growth retardation/small for gestational age (<10th percentile)
(ii) Postnatal growth with height/length <3rd percentile
(iii) Normal head circumference (3rd–97th percentile)
(iv) Limb, body, and/or facial asymmetry

Minor criteria(i) Short (arm) span with normal upper-to-lower segment ratio
(ii) Fifth-finger clinodactyly
(iii) Triangular faces
(iv) Frontal bossing/prominent forehead

Supportive criteria(i) Café au lait spots or skin pigmentary changes
(ii) Genitourinary anomalies (cryptorchidism, hypospadias)
(iii) Motor, speech, and/or cognitive delays
(iv) Feeding disorder
(v) Hypoglycemia