Table 1: Bicêtre-score for evaluation of the therapeutically management of neonates with VGAM (Lasjaunias PL et al. (2006) [6]).

PointsCardiac functionCerebral functionRespiratory functionHepatic functionRenal function

4Overload, no medical treatmentSubclinical, isolated EEG abnormalitiesTachypnoea, finishes bottle
3Failure, stable with medical treatmentNonconvulsive intermittent neurologic signsTachypnoea, does not finish bottleNo hepatomegaly, normal hepatic functionNormal
2Failure, not stable with medical treatmentIsolated convulsionAssisted ventilation, normal saturation FiO2 <0.25Hepatomegaly, normal hepatic functionTransient anuria
1Ventilation necessarySeizuresAssisted ventilation, normal saturation FiO2 >0.25Moderate or transient hepatic insufficiencyUnstable diuresis with treatment
0Resistant to medical therapy Permanent neurological signsAssisted ventilation, desaturation Abnormal coagulation, elevated enzymesAnuria

Score <8: no intervention, 8–12: immediate/emergency embolization, >12: delayed treatment over the age of 5 months.