Case Report

High-Risk Neuroblastoma with Metastases to Bilateral Kidneys at Diagnosis

Table 1

Details of chemotherapy and CBT.

Induction chemotherapy
 Cyclophosphamide1,200 mg/m2/day on days 1 and 2, except for day 2 in cycle 1
 Vincristine1.5 mg/m2 on day 1
 Pirarubicin40 mg/m2 on day 3
 Cisplatin20 mg/m2/day continuously from days 1 to 5
HDC with auto-PBSCT
 Melphalan100 mg/m2/day on days -9 and -8
 Etoposide200 mg/m2/day on days -7 to -4
 Carboplatin400 mg/m2/day continuously on days -7 to -4
Cord blood transplantation
Conditioning regimen
 Fludarabine25 mg/m2/day on days -7 to -3
 Melphalan70 mg/m2/day on days -4 and -3
 TBI2 Gy on day -2
GVHD prophylaxisTacrolimus and short-term methotrexate



CBT: cord blood stem cell transplantation; HDC: high-dose chemotherapy; auto-PBSCT: autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplantation; TBI: total body irradiation; GVHD: graft-versus-host disease; HLA: human leukocyte antigen.