Case Report

Splenic Vein Embolization Using Coil Anchors and Prophylactic Occlusion of a Hepatofugal Collateral for Hepatic Encephalopathy due to Splenorenal Shunt: Technical Note and Literature Review

Table 1

Previous reports regarding interventional treatment for splenorenal shunt.

AuthorsYearNumberMethod (cases)Embolic materialRecurrence of comaComplications

Vavasseur et al. [3]19941SEMC, NBCA Esophageal varix
Shioyama et al. [4]19961BRTOEOI
Numata et al. [5]19981BRTOEOI
Sakurabayashi et al. [6]19975SE or BRTOMC, EOI Ascites
Takashimizu et al. [7]20071BRTOEOI Ascites
Potts et al. [2]19841SEDB
Zamora et al. [12]20041SeparationMC
Mezawa et al. [15]20046SeparationMC
Clarke et al. [8]19891SEMC
Uflecker et al. [9]19872SEMC Intraabdominal bleeding (died) and esophageal varix rupture
Matake et al. [10]20071BRTOEOI
Miyamoto et al. [11]20035BRTOEOI

SE: shunt embolization, BRTO: balloon-occluded retrograde transvenous obliteration, MC: metallic coil, EOI: ethanolamine oleate, and DB: detachable balloon.