Case Report

Management of Septic Open Abdomen in a Morbid Obese Patient with Enteroatmospheric Fistula by Using Standard Abdominal Negative Pressure Therapy in Conjunction with Intrarectal One

Table 2

Laboratory value of patients before NPT application.

Biochemical analysisTotal blood countBlood gas

Glu.183 mg/dLWBC25.000 K/uLCRP21 mg/dL (0–0.8)pH7.28
K3.1 mmol/LHb11.2 g/dLINR1.7pCO241
Ca7.1 mg/dLPlt233 K/uLD-dimer403 ng/mL (0–500)PO278
LDH287 U/LProcalcitonin 23.5 ng/mL (<0.500)HCO318
T. bilirubin5.33 mg/dLBE−7.7
D. bilirubin1.55 mg/dL
Urea104 mg/dL
Creatinin2.6 mg/dL
Alb1.6 g/dL