Table 1: Summary of previously reported cases of tracheal lobular capillary haemangioma.

AuthorAge (years), M/FTumour sizeTumour locationTreatmentOutcome

Madhumita et al. [2]40, F10 × 5 mmUpper third of right anterolateral tracheal wallEndoscopic resectionGood at 1 year

Irani et al. [3]72, F2-3 mm3 cm below vocal cordsEndoscopic resection Good at 1 year

Amy and Enrique [4]22, M10–15 mm3 cm above carina on left posterior tracheal wallElectrocauteryGood

Porfyridis et al. [6]17, M4 mmUpper third of left anterolateral tracheal wallEndoscopic resectionGood at 1 year

Zambudio et al. [9]66, FOccluding 30–40% of airway Between first and third tracheal ringsEmbolisationGood at 1 year

Prakash et al. [10]23, F20 × 40 mmPosterior tracheal wallEndoscopic resection with extracorporeal membrane oxygenationGood

Xu et al. [11]64, M3-4 mmLeft anterolateral tracheal wallEndoscopic resection Good at 8 months

Chawla et al. [12]62, MUnknownDistal right tracheal wallEndoscopic resection and laser therapyUnknown

Chen et al. [13]14, F15–20 mmLower third of anterior tracheal wallCryotherapy and argon plasma coagulationGood at 3 months

Udoji and Bechara [14]55, M4 × 5 mmDistal left lateral tracheal wallCryotherapyGood at 3 months

Kalanjeri et al. [15]57, MOccluding 70% of airway Posterior middle tracheal wall ElectrocauteryUnknown

Shen et al. [16]35, M15–20 mmLateral wall of proximal left main bronchusBrachytherapyGood at 2 years

Dabó et al. [17]51, FUnknownLower third of left lateral tracheal wallEndoscopic resection and laser photocoagulationGood at 27 months

Putora et al. [18]64, MUnknownDistal tracheal wallSpontaneous remission on cessation of erlotinib for lung cancerGood

Present case56, F7 mm2 cm below vocal cords on right tracheal wall Endoscopic resection and electrocauteryGood at 1 year