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Case Report

Artificially Positive Crossmatches Not Leading to the Refusal of Kidney Donations due to the Usage of Adequate Diagnostic Tools

Table 1

(a) CDC- and AMS-ELISA -based crossmatch results of the 41-year-old recipient and her 60-year-old mother as a prospective living kidney donor. (b) Corresponding analyses for anti-HLA antibody screening/identification.

Serum sampleCDC-CM (#)AMS-ELISA-CM
PBLT-cell B-cell Class IClass II

05/2010 1 1 1n.d.n.d.
10/2010 2/4 1/2 4neg. neg.
01/2011 1 1 1neg.neg.

n.d.: not done due to the unequivocally negative outcome of the CDC-CM; neg.: negative; pos.: positive; #: NIH score system of the standard CDC-based crossmatch as a percent of positive/dead (red coloured) cells (%): 1: <10% (negative), 2: 10–20% (doubtfully positive), 4: 20–50% (weakly positive), 6: 50–80% (positive), 8: 80–100% (strongly positive).

Serum sampleScreening ELISALuminex analysis
Class I
(Quik Screen)
Class II
Class IClass II

05/2010 neg. neg. n.d. n.d.
07/2010 neg. neg. n.d. n.d.
10/2010 neg. neg. neg. neg.
01/2011 neg. neg. neg. neg.

n.d.: not done; neg.: negative; the Luminex analysis was not performed using the samples taken in May 2010 and July 2010 due to the unequivocally negative result of the class I and II screening ELISA but was additionally used to analyse the sera taken in October 2010 and January 2011.