Case Report

Ventricular Habronemiasis in Aviary Passerines

Table 1

Passerine deaths associated with habronemiasis at the North Carolina Zoological Park, Asheboro, NC, USA.

DateSpeciesSexAgeCause of deathOther/associated lesions

3/28/2007L. lutea M10 yrsHepatic amyloidosisVentricular habronemiasis
6/18/2007L. lutea F7 yrsHepatic amyloidosisVentricular habronemiasis with secondary bacterial ventriculitis; ovarian amyloidosis
6/19/2007T. episcopus F2 yrsTraumaVentricular habronemiasis with secondary bacterial ventriculitis
7/23/2007Z. japonicus M7 yrsVentricular habronemiasisSecondary fungal ventriculitis
7/23/2007P. erythrocephala N/A13 daysVentricular habronemiasisSecondary bacterial and fungal ventriculitis
7/23/2007L. lutea F2 yrsVentricular habronemiasisSecondary bacterial and fungal ventriculitis
8/13/2007P. erythrocephala N/A40 daysVentricular habronemiasisSecondary bacterial ventriculitis
10/5/2007L. lutea F7 yrsVentricular habronemiasisSecondary bacterial ventriculitis; hepatic amyloidosis
5/10/2008C. iris M4 yrsVentricular habronemiasisSecondary bacterial ventriculitis; hepatic, splenic, and renal amyloidosis
8/16/2008L. lutea M11 yrsVentricular habronemiasisSecondary bacterial and fungal ventriculitis
9/2/2008Z. japonicus F8 yrsVentricular habronemiasisSecondary bacterial and fungal ventriculitis; pulmonary aspergillosis; polyoma nephritis; and myocarditis