Case Report

Dermatitis due to Mixed Demodex and Sarcoptes Mites in Dogs

Table 1

Therapeutic response to ivermectin in both the dogs.

Posttreatment evaluation daysCase 1Case 2
Demodex Sarcoptes Clinical responseDemodex Sarcoptes Clinical response
Live Dead Live Dead Live Dead Live Dead

0th day+++Nil+++Nil++++Nil++Nil
7th day++++++F++++++F
14th day+++Nil+F++++++++F
21st day++++NilNilG+++NilNilF
28th dayNil+NilNilENil+NilNilG
42nd dayNilNilNilNilENil NilNil NilE

Clinical response:
E: excellent, complete remission of clinical signs of dermatitis and point of recovery,
G: good, most primary lesions have resolved but mild secondary lesions such as erythema, crusts, and scales are still evident,
F: fair, some response to treatment but primary and secondary lesions are still evident.