Canadian Respiratory Journal / 2019 / Article / Tab 3

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Endocan, a Risk Factor for Developing Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome among Severe Pneumonia Patients

Table 3

Risk factors for ARDS development by univariate and multiple logistic regression analysis in SP patients.

ParametersUnivariate/multivariate value
OR (95% CI) valueOR (95% CI)

Age1.04 (0.83–1.36)0.61
SOFA score0.85 (0.62–1.25)0.42
LIS1.24 (0.91–1.78)0.17
Body temperature1.12 (0.78–1.59)0.52
Heart rate1.47 (1.03–2.13)0.0210.99 (0.73–1.41)0.75
SBP1.22 (0.85–1.79)0.25
SpO21.03 (0.81–1.38)0.77
BUN1.17 (0.73–1.65)0.61
Creatinine1.04 (0.73–1.45)0.0821.17 (0.72–1.88)0.65
Lactate0.73 (0.53–0.99)0.0181.03 (0.66–1.57)0.51
Endocan1.65 (1.18–2.42)0.0121.57 (1.14–2.25)0.021
CRP1.21 (0.98–1.57)0.0671.22 (0.95–1.68)0.17
PaO2/FiO21.86 (1.17–3.12)0.0241.57 (0.79–2.81)0.14

SP, severe pneumonia; ARDS, acute respiratory distress syndrome; SOFA, sequential organ failure assessment; LIS, lung injury score; SBP, systolic blood pressure; SpO2, oxygen saturation of pulse oximetry; BUN, blood urea nitrogen; CRP, C-reactive protein; PaO2/FiO2, ratio of partial pressure of arterial oxygen to fraction of inspired oxygen; CI, confidence interval; OR, odds ratio. .