Table 2: Comparison between left ventricular torsional and strain parameters during sinus rhythm and in relation to various pacing modes and sites.


Torsion (°/mm) 0.002
Twist (°) 0.001
Torsion rate (°/s) 0.27
Untwisting rate (°/s) 0.16
LV base
 Rotation (°) 0.09
 Rotation rate (°/s) 0.14
 Radial strain 0.004
 Circum. strain 0.02
LV Apex
 Rotation (°) 0.002
 Rotation rate (°/s) 0.005
 Radial strain 0.01
 Circum. strain 0.001

Values are mean SD. indicates the overall significance of the effect of pacing mode and site on each variable by one-way analysis of variance for repeated measurements. Symbols (*,) relate to individual group comparisons.
Circum.: circumferential. Other abbreviations and symbols as in Table 1.