Table 3: Reported postoperative complications after cryoballoon ablation versus radiofrequency ablation.

StudyCryoballoon ablationRadiofrequency ablation
ComplicationNumber of patients ()ComplicationNumber of patients ()

Pérez-Castellano et al. [13]Hemoptysis1Right femoral arteriovenous fistula1
Herrera Siklódy et al. [15]Phrenic nerve injury2
Femoral pseudoaneurysm1
Groin hematoma1
Hunter et al. [16]Phrenic nerve injury4Tamponade1
Asymptomatic pulmonary vein stenosis1
Dressler’s syndrome1
Kuck et al. [6]Phrenic nerve injury10Groin site complication16
Groin site complication7Cardiac tamponade/pericardial effusion5
Other, nonarrhythmia complications3Pulmonary complication4
Pulmonary complication2Transient neurological complication3
Cardiac tamponade/pericardial effusion1Dyspnea2
Transient neurological complication1Gastrointestinal complication2
Dyspnea1Contrast media reaction1
Esophageal ulcer1Hematuria1
Gastrointestinal complication1Local edema1
Luik et al. [5]Phrenic nerve injury9Vascular5
Vascular8Pericardial effusion3
Pericardial effusion2
Malmborg et al. [18]Groin hematoma2Groin hematoma1
Phrenic nerve injury2
Pokushalov et al. [14]Phrenic nerve injury3
Total patients6550

As per the study, groin site complications included vascular pseudoaneurysm, arteriovenous fistula, device-related infection, hematoma, puncture site hemorrhage, and groin pain. As per the study, other cardiac complications included atrial septal defects, coronary artery disease, and pericarditis.