Main steps of the MOABC algorithm
(1) cycle = 1
(2) Initialize the food source positions (solutions) ,
(3) Evaluate the nectar amount (fitness ) of food sources
(4) The initialized solutions are sorted based on nondomination
(5) Store nondominated solutions in the external archive EA
(6) repeat
(7)  Onlooker Bees’ Phase
   For each onlooker bee
    Randomly chooses a solution from EA
    Produce new solution by using expression  (4.1)
    Calculate the value
    Apply greedy selection mechanism in Algorithm 3 to decide which solution enters EA
(8)  The solutions in the EA are sorted based on nondomination
(9)  Keep the nondomination solutions of them staying in the EA
(10) If the number of nondominated solutions exceeds the allocated the size of EA
    Use crowding distance to remove the crowded members
(11) cycle = cycle + 1.
(12) until cycle = Maximum Cycle Number
Algorithm 2: Pseudocode for MOABC algorithm.