Table 2: Network parameters.

ParameterDefault valueDescription

NetworkType SFNAccording to network type, a complex network for our proposed epidemic model can be built in the same manner as Watts and Strogatz’s [1] small-world homogeneous network and Barabási and Albert’s [2] scale-free network. If NetworkType = SWN, a small-world network is built; if NetworkType = SFN, a scale-free network is built
Node set of a complex network
Link set of a complex network
represents total number of nodes (agents) in a complex network
represents total number of links in a complex network
Rewiring rate0.01Specific parameter for Watts and Strogatz’s (1998) [1] small-world network. Generating such a network begins with a 1-dimensional regular network with periodic boundary conditions. Each link is randomly rewired to a new node according to a rewiring rate probability