Table 1: Variables and symbols in garden city transportation system.

SortThe meaning of variablesVariable unitsSymbol

1 Road passenger capacityYuan
2 Railway passenger capacityYuan
3 Exhaust emissiong
4 Emission intensityg
5 Environmental pollutionL
6 Fuel consumption volumeL/100 km
7 Gross domestic productTen thousand
8 Investment of busYuan
9 Investment of taxiYuan
10 Investment of railwayYuan
11 Investment of infrastructureYuan
12 Investment of public transportationKm
13 Investment of roadYuan
14 Length of roadKm
15 Length of railwayKm
16 Number of busesTen thousand
17 Number of taxiesTen thousand
18 Number of railbusTen thousand
19 Number of private carsTen thousand
20 Private car incrementTen thousand
21 Turnover of busPerson/km
22 Turnover of taxiPerson/km
23 Turnover of railwayPerson/km
24 Turnover of private carPerson/km
25 Traffic intensityPerson
26 Traffic loadPerson/yuan
27 Total populationTen thousand
28 Travel volume of busPerson/day
29 Travel volume of taxiPerson/day
30 Travel volume of railwayPerson/day
31 Travel volume of private carPerson/day
32 Travel volume of public transportPerson/day
33 Travel volume of total tripPerson/day
34 Rate of average trip%
35 Transformation coefficient of buskm/yuan
36 Transformation coefficient of taxikm/yuan
37 Transformation coefficient of railwaykm/yuan
38 Transformation coefficient of private carkm/yuan
39 Coefficient of dischargeg/L
40 Coefficient of economic decrease Yuan/g
41 Coefficient of emission factorg/person
42 Coefficient of environmental influenceNo dimension
43 GDP growth rate%
44 Investment proportion of infrastructure%
45 Investment proportion of public transportation%
46 Investment proportion of road%
47 Public transportation share rate%
48 Private car share rate%
49 Trip frequency of total averageTimes
50 Net growth rate of population%
51 Peak hour flow of busPerson/times
52 Peak hour flow of taxiPerson/times
53 Peak hour flow of railwayPerson/times
54 Peak hour flow of private car Person/times
55 Travel distance of buskm
56 Travel distance of taxikm
57 Travel distance of railwaykm
58 Travel distance of private car km
59 Trip frequency of busTimes
60 Trip frequency of taxiTimes
61 Trip frequency of railwayTimes
62 Trip frequency of private carTimes
63 Investment proportion of bus%
64 Investment proportion of taxi%
65 Investment proportion of railway%
66 Investment proportion of private car%