Table 3: Micro- and macrocontrast of supply chain.


Resilience management abilityAdaptability,
predictive ability,
recovery ability,
coordinating ability
Agent self-organizing abilityLearn from each other, exchange experiences, communicate and coordinate, share risk, get warning information as early as possible, reduce unnecessary loss, and recover function quickly.

Supply chain abilityInformation management ability,
logistics management ability,
resource support ability,
target combination ability,
fund procurement ability,
risk management ability,
reconstruction transformation ability,
study and absorptive ability
Agent executing capabilityCollect, analyze, and sort the information and finally obtain effective information. Deal with logistics facilities establishment and location and provide optimized logistics protection. Find node members that fit for their own development and make effective combination to reach the company target. Complete fund procurement and maintain the normal operation of enterprises after the occurrence of risk. Find new resources to meet the changing market. Improve the defects in the supply chain and build a new supply chain network.

Supply chain resilience effectWavy curve
asymptotically stable
Agent statusActivity ability, network status.