Table 1: Sectoral classification of the input-output tables.

1Mining and washing of coal
2Extraction of petroleum and natural gas
3Mining and processing of metal ores
4Mining and processing of nonmetal ores
5Manufacture of foods and tobacco
6Manufacture of textile
7Manufacture of wearing apparel, leather, feather, and related products
8Processing of timber, manufacture of furniture
9Printing and manufacture of articles for culture and education
10Processing of petroleum, coking, and processing of nuclear fuel
11Manufacture of chemical products
12Manufacture of nonmetallic mineral products
13Smelting and pressing of metals
14Manufacture of metal products
15Manufacture of general and special purpose machinery
16Manufacture of transport equipment
17Manufacture of electrical machinery and equipment
18Communication equipment, computers, and other electronic equipment
19Manufacture of measuring instruments and machinery for cultural activity and office work
20Other manufacturing
21Recycling and disposal of waste
22Production and distribution of electric power and heat power
23Production and distribution of gas
24Production and distribution of water
26Transport and storage
28Wholesale and retail trade
29Hotel and restaurants
30Finance and insurance
31Real estate
32Other services
33Farming, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery, and water conservancy