Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society / 2015 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Integrated Model of Joint Residence-Workplace Location Choice and Commute Behavior Using Latent Class and Mixed Logit Methods

Table 1

Variables in the latent class model.


Residence locationXicheng/1, Dongcheng/2, Chongwen/3, Xuanwu/4, Haidian/5, Chaoyang/6, Fengtai/7, Shijingshan/8

Commute distance
<4/1, 4–8/2, 8–12/3, 12–16/4, 16–20/5, >20/6

Commute modeWalk/1, Bicycle/2, Bus/3, Subway/4, car/5

Household monthly income (Chinese Yuan)<2500/1, 2501–3500/2, 3501–5500/3, >5500/4

In the third column, the number after the slash line “/” is value of the corresponding categorical variables.