Table 3: The specific indexes of trust.

⁢DimensionsThe measurement items

TrustContract-based trustTC1: if the cooperative enterprise does not fulfill the contract signed with us, its market and industry credibility will be seriously affected, and it must afford huge economic losses.
TC2: we believe that the cooperation enterprises will strictly perform the contract.

Trust⁢Ability-based trust⁢TA1: the ability of the cooperative enterprise is worthy of trust, and we believe that they are able to do the current work.
TA2: we believe that our partners can bring profit to us.
TA3: we are willing to take long-term cooperation with the enterprises cooperative now.

Trust⁢Kindness-based trust⁢TG1: we believe that the cooperative enterprises will not obtain profit by using our problems.
TG2: we believe that when the cooperative enterprises make major decisions they will consider our interests.
TG3: we believe that the cooperative enterprises will not cooperate with others rather than us even if there is a better choice.