Table 1: Pricing strategies in the fuzzy environment.

Paper Decisions Product status Supply chain structure

Gu and Ji [32] Pricing policy; Single One manufacturer, one retailer
Zhou et al. [17]Pricing policySingleOne manufacturer, one retailer
Guo and Liu [27] Pricing decision;SingleOne manufacturer, one retailer
Wei and Zhao [28] Pricing policy;SingleOne manufacturer, two retailers
remanufacturing rate
Zhao et al. [29]Pricing policySubstitutableOne manufacturer, two retailers
Zhao et al. [14] Pricing policy;SubstitutableTwo manufacturers, one retailer
service level
Wei et al. [30]Pricing policySingleOne manufacturer, duopolistic retailers
Song et al. [23] Pricing policy;SingleOne manufacturer, one retailer
selling effort
Wang et al. [31]Pricing policyComplementaryTwo manufacturers
Zhao and Wang [24] Pricing policy;SingleOne manufacturer, two retailers
service level