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Disease Markers
Volume 19, Issue 4-5, Pages 209-218

Diagnostic Proteomics: Serum Proteomic Patterns for the Detection of Early Stage Cancers

Li-Rong Yu, Ming Zhou, Thomas P. Conrads, and Timothy D. Veenstra

Laboratory of Proteomics and Analytical Technologies, SAIC-Frederick Inc., National Cancer Institute at Frederick, P.O. Box B, Frederick, MD 21702, USA

Received 13 July 2004; Accepted 13 July 2004

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The ability to interrogate thousands of proteins found in complex biological samples using proteomic technologies has brought the hope of discovering novel disease-specific biomarkers. While most proteomic technologies used to discover diagnostic biomarkers are quite sophisticated, "proteomic pattern analysis" has emerged as a simple, yet potentially revolutionary, method for the early diagnosis of diseases. Utilizing this technology, hundreds of clinical samples can be analyzed per day and several preliminary studies suggest proteomic pattern analysis has the potential to be a novel, highly sensitive diagnostic tool for the early detection of cancer.