Table 2: The list of the enriched general functional groups from the Ada-deficient model of COPD extracted by the expert knowledge-driven functional analysis using the BALF data. This list is based on (A) a GO-based biological process enrichment and (B) the disease-model-related expert selection.

No.Enriched general functional group(A) GO-based biological process(B) The disease model-related GO cluster

1Immune system process Immune system process(13-1)1 Immune system process

2Stress/stimulus response Response to stimulus Response to stimulus;
Response to stress

3Cellular response to stimulus Cellular process Cellular response to stimulus

4Metabolic process Metabolic process Small molecule metabolic process;
Oxoacid metabolic process;
Oxidoreduction coenzyme metabolic process;
Nucleotide metabolic process;
Carbohydrate derivative metabolic process

5Biological regulation Biological regulation Regulation of immune system process;
Regulation of localization;
Regulation of programmed cell death

6Death Death Death

7Localization Localization;
Establishment of localization
(13-2)1 Localization;
(13-3)1 Establishment of localization

8Cellular organization Cellular component organization or biogenesis(13-4)1 Cellular component organization or biogenesis

9Proliferation Cell proliferation;
Developmental process

10Others Reproduction and reproductive process;
Biological adhesion;
Multicellular organismal process;
Multiorganism process
(13-1)1 Immune system process;
(13-2)1 Localization;
(13-3)1 Establishment of localization;
(13-4)1 Cellular component organization or biogenesis

This term belongs to the 13th cluster (others) from the approach B.