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CSF Levels of Angiopoietin-2 Do Not Differ between Patients with CSF Fluid Leakage Syndrome and Controls

Table 3

Summary of the statistics. CSF: cerebrospinal fluid; C: control subjects; LS: subjects with CSF leakage; Ang-2: angiopoietin-2; Q: quotient, that is, CSF to serum ratio; alb.: albumin; Ig: immunoglobulin.

Median25% percentile75% percentileMedian25% percentile75% percentile

Cell count3.001.0515.081.000.302.550.092
CSF total protein (g/L) 0.740.451.020.410.340.560.063
CSF lactate (mmol/L) 1.741.571.831.731.441.880.625

Mean CSF Ang-2 (pg/mL)0.330.210.430.250.220.310.272
Mean serum Ang-2 (pg/mL)1.040.762.000.930.581.360.405

IgG ratio7.904.4310.642.992.446.560.036
IgA ratio4.402.667.071.771.322.980.013
IgM ratio1.601.002.720.480.350.720.002