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Clinicopathologic and Prognostic Value of Serum Carbohydrate Antigen 19-9 in Gastric Cancer: A Meta-Analysis

Table 1

Baseline characteristics and quality of the included studies.

StudyCountryNumber of patients (M/F)Sample timeAge mean ± SD/median (range)Rate of CA 19-9Follow-up mean ± SD/median (range)Outcome measuredStudy quality

Huang et al. [9]China363 (266/97)Preoperative60.67 ± 11.9167/354Range: 41–88DFS, OS6
Jo et al. [10]Korea1178 (773/405)Preoperative + postoperative56 (20–88)449/118728.2 (10.8–102.5)OS7
Ye et al. [11]China117 (72/45)Preoperative63 (28–86)NR38 (4–62)DFS, OS7
Yajima et al. [20]Japan23 (16/7)Preoperative53–8611/23Max: 36OS4
Wang et al. [21]China439 (319/120)NRNR123/307NROS5
Turkoz et al. [22]Turkey176 (119/57)NR57.8 ± 12.956/17627.5 (1–56.5)OS6
Tian et al. [23]China181 (121/60)PreoperativeMean: 59.531/181Max: 60OS6
Mohri et al. [24]Japan123 (38/85)NR66 (18–94)47/123Median: 9.3OS6
Kanda et al. [25]Japan238 (179/59)Preoperative65.3 ± 11.744/238Max: 60DSS6
Choi et al. [29]Korea488 (333/155)PreoperativeRange: 27–85163/488Max: 44DFS, OS6
Mittal et al. [26]Nepal40 (27/13)PreoperativeNR16/40Max: 60OS6
Li et al. [27]China1501 (1073/428)Preoperative58.96 ± 11.93284/1501Max: 60OS6
Kwon et al. [28]Korea102 (41/61)PostoperativeNR79/102Max: 144OS6
Liu et al. [30]China273 (192/81)Preoperative56 ± 1287/273Median: 61.2OS6
Jiang et al. [31]Japan1710 (1157/553)PreoperativeNR151/155743 (1–123)OS7
Emoto et al. [32]Japan102 (54/48)NR57 (28–79)37/102Max: 48OS5
Schauer et al. [33]Germany120 (60/60)PreoperativeMean: 57.7; range: 28–8336/12038 (2–120)OS6
Kim et al. [34]Korea167 (108/59)PostoperativeNR21/16759.6 ± 12.7; 60.7 (9.8–84.8)DFS6
Dilege et al. [35]Turkey75 (47/28)PreoperativeNR25/7524 (6–74)OS6
Zhang et al. [36]China166 (116/50)Preoperative58 (24–85)27/166Median: 18OS, DFS5
Yamashita et al. [37]Japan382 (263/119)PreoperativeMean: 59; range: 21–8639/382Mean: 45; range: 0–60DSS7
Ucar et al. [38]Turkey95 (63/32)Preoperative58 ± 1039/95Median: 18OS5
Yamashita et al. [39]Japan128 (86/42)PreoperativeMean: 59; range: 21–8624/128Max: 60DSS7
Shimizu et al. [40]Japan40 (28/12)PreoperativeMean: 60.6; range: 28–864/4031.7 (1–48)OS6
Louhimo et al. [41]Finland146 (73/73)Preoperative63.8 (31.6–88.4)45/14613.4 (0–166.8)DSS7
Nakagoe et al. [42]Japan218 (144/74)PreoperativeNR45/21862.3 (1.3–117.3)DSS7
Lai et al. [43]Taiwan192 (120/72)PreoperativeNR31/192Mean: 58; range: 6–182DFS6
Duraker and Elk [46]Turkey168 (116/52)PreoperativeNR53/168Max: 50OS6
Ishigami et al. [44]Japan549 (386/168)PreoperativeNR109/54942 (12–76)OS5
Gaspar et al. [45]Spain82 (55/27)Preoperative63 ± 1227/82Median: 16OS5
Ychou et al. [47]France52 (40/12)Preoperative62 ± 12.326/52Max: 48OS5
Kochi et al. [48]Japan435 (317/118)preoperative + postoperative61.9 (20–90)95/435Max: 100DFS6
Marrelli et al. [49]Italy153 (95/58)Preoperative69 ± 1053/15374 ± 10OS7
Tocchi et al. [50]Italy59 (40/19)PreoperativeMean: 64.3; range: 31–8423/59Max: 60OS7
Tachibana et al. [51]Japan196 (136/60)PreoperativeNR13/192NRDSS6
Nakajima et al. [52]Japan110 (75/35)Preoperative63 ± 1029/105Max: 36OS5
Kodera et al. [53]Japan663 (432/231)PreoperativeNR106/663Max: 50OS5
Ikeda et al. [54]Japan158 (99/59)PreoperativeNR42/158Max: 36OS5

Note. CA 19-9: carbohydrate antigen 19-9; DFS: disease-free survival; DSS: disease-specific survival; max: the maximum of follow-up time; M/F: male/female; NR: not reported; OS: overall survival; SD: standard deviation.
The total number of patients in each included study, with displaying them as male/female.
The sample time was defined according to the time of operation.
The mean age of patients with corresponding SD or median age with corresponding range.
The rate of patients with high level of CA 19-9.
The mean follow-up period with corresponding SD or median follow-up period with corresponding range.
The outcomes assessed (DFS, DSS, or/and OS) were presented in each included study.
The quality of the included studies was assessed with the nine-star Newcastle-Ottawa Scale criteria.