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Research Article

Bone Marrow Stromal Antigen 2 Is a Novel Plasma Biomarker and Prognosticator for Colorectal Carcinoma: A Secretome-Based Verification Study

Table 1

Multivariate analysis of BST2 tissue expression levels and clinicopathologic factors of 132 CRC patients.

VariableHR95% CI value

Age (years)
TNM stage
 Early (I~II)1
 Late (III~IV)3.291.94~5.58<0.01
Histological type
 Mucinous carcinoma1.820.65~5.140.25
CEA (ng/mL)
 <5 1
BST2 (IHC score)
 Low (0–149)1
 High (150–300)1.640.98~2.740.05

HR: hazard ratio.
CI: confidence interval.