Figure 1: (a) LC3A mRNA expression analysis in lung cancer cell lines and human bronchial epithelial cells (HBEC). LC3A mRNA expression was analyzed by real-time RT-PCR, showing that LC3A expression was increased in lung cancer cell lines H2170 and H1650 and downregulated in H226, COLO677, H322, and H1975 compared to HBEC. Relative LC3A mRNA expression was normalized to GAPDH mRNA expression. (b) Demethylation tests in lung cancer cell lines. Real-time RT-PCR showed that after treatment with 5 μM of 5-aza-2-deoxycytidine (5-Aza) for 96 h, LC3A mRNA expression was heterogeneously upregulated in the 4 cell lines. Student’s t-test was applied to compare the gene expression levels. ; .