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Evaluation of the Diagnostic Potential of uPAR as a Biomarker in Renal Biopsies of Patients with FSGS

Figure 1

Evaluation of uPAR in podocytopathies and in the control group. uPAR immunolabeling evidenced by arrows (a) in the control group; (b) in a case of MCD, in which only rare cells are labeled; and (c) in a case of FSGS in which there are diffusely marked cells, including cells still viable in the sclerotic segment. (d) uPAR glomerular expression. Kruskal-Wallis one-way analysis of variance followed by Dunn’s multiple comparison. Horizontal lines represent the median, bars represent 25-75% percentiles, and vertical lines represent 10-90% percentiles. MCD: minimal change disease; FSGS: focal segmental glomerulosclerosis; : significant differences between the FSGS versus the control group; Δ: significant differences between the FSGS versus the MCD group.