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CSF-1 Overexpression Predicts Poor Prognosis in Upper Tract Urothelial Carcinomas

Table 1

Correlation of CSF-1 expression with clinicopathological characteristics in upper tract urothelial carcinomas.

VariablesItemPatient no. (%)CSF-1 value

Total112 (100)5851.85448.2

StageI/II73 (65.2)4781.02648.1<0.001a
III/IV39 (34.8)1119.02851.9

GradeLow30 (26.8)1729.31324.10.532a
High82 (73.2)4170.74175.9

GenderFemale68 (60.7)3763.83157.40.489a
Male44 (39.3)2136.22342.6

Age (years)<6542 (37.5)1729.32546.30.068a
≥6570 (62.5)4170.72953.7

Tumor locationUreter47 (42.0)2543.12240.70.300a
Renal pelvis45 (40.2)2034.52546.3
Renal pelvis+ureter20 (17.9)1322.4713.0

Tumor sidecRight49 (44.5)2544.62444.40.983a
Left61 (55.5)3155.43055.6

Lymphovascular invasionNegative89 (79.5)4882.84175.90.371a
Positive23 (20.5)1017.21324.1

Distant metastasisNegative96 (85.7)5594.84175.90.006b
Positive16 (14.3)35.21324.1

RecurrenceNegative62 (55.4)4069.02240.70.003a
Positive50 (44.6)1831.03259.3

Cancer deathNo93 (83.0)5493.13972.20.005b
Yes19 (17.0)46.91527.8

Creatinine (mg/dl)≤1.566 (58.9)3560.33157.40.752a
>1.546 (41.1)2339.72342.6

aThe value was calculated by the chi-square test. bThe value was calculated by the Fisher’s exact test. cTumor side was not determined in a small portion of the patients.