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Letter to the Editor

Response to: Comment on “Sex Differences in the Association between Night Shift Work and the Risk of Cancers: A Meta-Analysis of 57 Articles”

Table 1

The data for calculating sex differences in the association between night shift work and cancer risk.


Walasa WM (2018)0.950.571.58Female
Talibov M (2018)1.030.981.08Female
Papantoniou K (2016)1.210.891.65Female
Wang P (2015)1.341.051.72Female
Li WJ (2015)0.730.660.82Female
Datta K (2014)1.510.278.52Female
Rabstein S (2013)1.010.681.5Female
Fritschi L (2013)1.020.711.45Female
Menegaux F (2013)
Grundy A (2013)
Bhatti P (2013)1.020.741.42Female
Hansen J (2012)
Hansen J (2012)2.114.5Female
Lie JS (2011)
Lie JS (2006)
Pesch B (2010)2.480.629.99Female
Hansen J (2001)
Truong (2014)1.321.021.72Female
Kwon P (2015)0.880.691.12Female
Davis S (2001)
Leary ES (2006)1.040.791.38Female
Devore EE (2017)0.960.831.11Female
Knutsson A (2013)
Carter BD (2014)
Poole EM (2010)0.80.511.23Female
Viswanathan AN (2007)1.471.032.1Female
Akerstedt T (2015)1.771.033.04Female
Koppes LLJ (2014)0.870.721.05Female
Natti J (2012)2.821.26.65Female
Schernhammer ES (2006)1.791.063.01Female
Pronk A (2010)
Schernhammer ES (2003)1.351.031.77Female
Vistisen HT (2017)
Schernhammer ES (2013)
Gu FY (2015)1.080.981.19Female
Lahti TA (2008)1.020.941.12Female
Bai YS (2016)0.90.661.23Female
Travis RC (2016)10.921.08Female
Wegrzyn LR (2017)0.950.771.17Female
Wegrzyn LR (2017)
Heckman CJ (2017)0.790.710.89Female
Jorgensen JT (2017)0.910.771.08Female
Talibov M (2018)1.030.981.09Male
Tse LA (2017)1.761.072.89Male
Papantoniou K (2015)1.381.051.81Male
Parent M (2012)
Natti J (2012)1.780.84Male
Lahti TA (2008)
Bai YS (2016)
Akerstedt T (2017)0.910.741.12Male
Dickerman BA (2016)10.71.2Male
Lin YS (2015)1.430.782.63Male
Hammer GP (2015)0.930.731.18Male
Gapstur SM (2014)1.080.951.22Male
Kubo T (2011)1.790.575.68Male
Behrens T (2017)3.081.675.69Male
Kubo T (2006)31.27.7Male
Lin YS (2013)0.830.431.6Male
Yong M (2014)1.040.891.21Male

Abbreviations: OR: odds ratio; LCI: lower confidence interval; UCI: upper confidence interval.

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