Research Article

Cardiopulmonary Bypass Induces Acute Lung Injury via the High-Mobility Group Box 1/Toll-Like Receptor 4 Pathway

Figure 2

Anti-HMGB1 decreased CPB-induced TLR4 expression in the lung tissues. (a) Western blot results showing the TLR4 protein expression in the IgY+CPB, IgY, anti-HMGB1+CPB, anti-HMGB1, CPB, and control groups. (b) The TLR4 protein density relative to that of β-actin. The TLR4 protein level was significantly lower in the anti-HMGB1+CPB group than in the CPB and IgY+CPB groups (a, b). (c) Western blot showing the HMGB1 protein expression in the control, CPB, anti-HMGB1, anti-HMGB1+CPB, IgY, and IgY+CPB groups. (d) The HMGB1 protein density relative to that of β-actin. (e) The concentrations of HMGB1 were evaluated by ELISAs. The anti-HMGB1 mAb attenuated the CPB-induced increase in the HMGB1 levels by using western blot and ELISAs (c–e). Data are represented as the , per group. and vs. control; + and ++ vs. CPB only.