Research Article

Systematic Pan-Cancer Analysis and Experimental Verification Identify FOXA1 as an Immunological and Prognostic Biomarker in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer

Figure 6

FOXA1 expression was upregulated in ovarian cancer cells. (a–c) FOXA1 expression was assessed by qRT-PCR (a) and western blot (b) in IOSE80 (human ovarian epithelial cell line from normal tissues) and OVCAR-3/A2780/3AO/SKOV-3 cells (human ovarian cancer cell lines). Relative mRNA and protein levels of FOXA1 were quantified in (a) and (c); , two-way ANOVA. (d, e) FOXA1 knockdown via transient transfection with siRNA-2 in OVCAR-3 cell was confirmed by qRT-PCR (d) and western blot (e, f). siRNA-NC-transfected cells were set as the control. The experiments were repeated independently for 3 times.